Jana Papay

    Since childhood, I preferred to express myself through painting, drawing, dancing and gestures, later preferably by looking. It went so naturally and with ease, in short, as a child.

     Years later, I’ve found that my best thing is playing with colors. I create impulsively and without hindrance. I simply make a decision in moment and now. As soon as I feel that the emotion has to go out. No matter what the emotion, I can transform it spontaneously with colors.

     I prefer to work with acrylic paints. Even before I decided to share my current work, I worked with spreading paint with a spatula, brush and various other tools.


     Currently, I was fascinated by the technique of pouring acrylic paints. It is a simple but also complex technique. I combine in my works and I always strive for a beautiful feeling. Someone is happy with an extremely complexity spreadsheet or goal fulfillment. I am satisfied when I project these simple and so intimate feelings into a painting.


     Colors affect every creature. In general, the effect of colors on the soul is individual. Otherwise, we have our roots in the fact that white is pure and immaculate, it is a symbol just like green, which evokes the power of spring nature and rebirth. There is also a quiet and peaceful blue, which can also be as wild andencouraging as a mountain river. Each of the colors has its meaning and influence, their natural mixing and harmony is what drives and delights me in the creation.


     Try to think honestly and characterize your person, your role in life and your abilities. It’s not easy, but each of us feels it.

     I am grateful to be able to share my joy with you.



Scandinavian fjords. They are incredibly beautiful natural formations. This artwork symbolizes their beauty, diversity, roughness, unfetteredness. Nature is inexhaustibly inspiring, I love it!


Interesting details that can perfectly relax our mind and create a pleasant atmosphere. A beautiful combination of colors and details can lift us to a higher perception of reality.

Childrens´s memories

Children's memories

Each of us was small and each of us has our own childhood memories. In this picture, I tried to create a feeling that is familiar to us.

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